Professional Custom Commission Furniture Painting & Finishing Service

Oh that dated piece of furniture.. Wouldn't you just love to tinkle your nose (some of us remember Bewitched) and voila, fall in love with your furniture all over again?

Maybe it's the one that fits it's space so well, or it's just a little outdated, or you inherited and it doesn't fit your decor so it sits in the basement, or it's so functional but bla, or, and oh ya, it's real wood with solid craftsmanship. I get it and I can help.

I've had a passion for refinishing and updating hundreds of pieces of furniture for over 30 years, I know, I'm crazy! Some crave chocolate, I crave brushes in my hand and applying many different mediums and techniques that will create an heirloom.

If your interested to know more, I like to consult with you in person with your room and furniture piece on your device, we can work with your color scheme and vision and together make it happen. 

Please call or drop in Wednesday - Saturday, we will talk and I will give you a quote.

Oh I should mention that being a professional, I only use professional products and top coats. All topcoats have a 30 day curing time, then they are durable and scrub-able.  You can use them after 2 weeks but gently.

Special Note:

If you want your piece cured and ready to go for Christmas it's best to get it to me by the times below:

Heavy Use - November 15th

Dining-Room or Kitchen Tables

Less Heavy Use - by November 30th

Dressers, Sideboard/Cadenza, End Tables, Lamps, Trunks, Coffee Tables, Chairs, etc.

I look forward to meeting you, it will be fun!



I use Stains, Cottage Paint, Chalk Paints, Mineral Paints, Iron Orchid designs, and Professional Top Coats.